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Please review OIRE's Practices Ensuring Privacy and 'Who Is OIRE?'.

These data are provided as information for our customers to promote transparency and foster data-enhanced decision-making. We encourage you to use the information. However, should any individual, unit, or entity wish to utilize any of these data for an official report or publication, please allow our office to assist you in ensuring the appropriate data are selected, described, and presented. See Why Report Numbers Might Not Match Other Reports for useful information. Contact for assistance.

If you are unable to locate a report that you have previously accessed through our website, or need a listed report in another format, or should you need to contact us directly, please call 303-315-2840 or send an email to  To submit a Data Request for a new report, please visit our Data Request page.

Should you desire information or a report that is not currently included within the Report Library, please contact us. We can modify an existing report to provide more details, additional summary information, different parameters, and the like. In addition, if you have the need for totally new or different information than is represented within the Report Library, please let us know! You may not be the only one who needs that kind of report/information and adding it to our library will help others, too.
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